How do I install the notification widget on my website?

Kaizar Bharmal
26 June, 2024

To install notification, follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Campaign:

  - Log in to your "Growflyer" dashboard

  - Click on create a new campaign

  - Input a campaign name

  - Enter your domain or subdomain

  1. Install Pixel:

  - Copy the code snippet.

  - Access the HTML source code of your website.

  - Paste the copied pixel code just before the closing </head> tag.

For WordPress, Shopify, and other tools, visit Growflyer Integrations.

  1. Create Notification:

  - Look for the option to create a new notification within the campaign you've set up.

  - Click on Create Notification.


  1. Choose Notification Type:

  - In the notification creation interface, select your desired notification type.

   -Choose from the available templates or opt for custom HTML if you prefer more      customization options.

  - Activate the notification.

Hurrah! Your notification is live. 🚀