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Growflyer is a versatile Widget Notification platform empowering website owners to effortlessly create, customize, and deploy engaging notification widgets, facilitating seamless communication with their audience and enhancing user engagement
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How it works

Ready to supercharge your user engagement?

Create Campaign

Start by defining your notification strategy within Growflyer, outlining the goals and parameters for your notifications.

Install Pixel

Integrate the provided single line code snippet into your website, enabling Growflyer's functionality and allowing for user interaction tracking.

Add Notification

Craft and incorporate targeted notifications using templates, selecting the type (pop-up, banner, etc.) and tailoring the message content

Customize as needed

Personalize the appearance, timing, targeting criteria, and behavior of your notifications to harmonize with your website's design and resonate with your audience.

Hurrah! check your website

Once notifications are live, track their performance via Growflyer's analytics, observing increased user engagement and interactions across your website. Adjust and optimize based on the insights gathered.
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Client Management

Are you tired of juggling client and company management across a multitude of platforms, only to be overwhelmed by an endless stream of emails? Say hello to a smarter and more efficient way of doing business.

Growflyer replaces:

Handle Project

Our platform is designed to help you and your team execute tasks, manage projects, and optimize processes efficiently. Growflyer enables you to work together seamlessly, scale your efforts, and achieve your goals collaboratively.

Growflyer replaces:

Collect Payment

Design and send elegant one-time, recurring payment, complete with convenient options. Growflyer simplifies the process, offering automated reminders and keeps you compliant, ensuring that your payments arrive on schedule.

Growflyer replaces:

Share contract

Avoid the hassle of printing and physically approving documents. Utilize Growflyer's built-in e-sign feature to swiftly secure contract approvals without any complications.

Growflyer replaces:

Task Management

Fueling a highly productive team requires more than just snacks; it calls for the right tool. Growflyer empowers your team to effortlessly organize everything from meetings and projects to events and goal setting.

Growflyer replaces:

HR management

Growflyer is the ultimate employee management system that not only keeps tabs on your talent pipeline but also actively engages your employees for enhanced productivity and satisfaction.

Growflyer replaces:
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Get ready to wow your audience! With Growflyer, watch your website come alive. Engage more, sell more, and make your visitors smile with personalized notifications.
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