Webflow & Growflyer

To install Growflyer.com on your Webflow site, you need to add the Growflyer JavaScript code snippet to your Webflow project. Here’s how you can do it:

Log in to Webflow:

Go to Webflow and log in to your account.

Open Your Project:

Select the project where you want to install the Pixel.

Access Project Settings:

In your project's dashboard, click on the gear icon (⚙️) to open the project settings.

Go to Custom Code:

Navigate to the “Custom Code” tab in the project settings.

Add Code to the Head Tag:

Scroll down to the “Head Code” section.

Paste the Pixel JavaScript snippet.

Save Changes:

After pasting the code snippet, click the “Save Changes” button.

Publish Your Site:

Go back to your project dashboard and click the “Publish” button to apply the changes to your live site.